Thursday, June 21, 2012

Double Release!

Hello everyone!  The DramaCrazy Fansub Team has been working extra hard and is really proud to announce two releases at the same time!  The first one is Episode #5 of Runaway - For someone you love.  The second one is for Episode #4 of Shinsengumi Peace Maker!  Enjoy!!

Episode 5 Credits:

Translator: Gusukiller
Timer: Weirdlike
Editor #1:  Symrustar
Editor #2:  Rinrin
Typesetting:  Weirdlike
Additional Typesetting:  Symrustar
Encoding:  Symrustar

Download -  You will need HJ Split to combine the parts to make it into one working file. 

(this is a rather large video file since it is HQ 720p)

Episode 4 Credits:

Translator:  Gusukiller
Timer:  Ryyynaa
Editor/Typeset/QC:  Symrustar




  1. Are you going to be uploading runway to d-addicts as well?
    Thank you for your hard work by the way!

    1. sorry, runaway. stupid mistake:)

  2. We origionally were planning to upload them to there since we announced we were subbing it first on that site and on thier wiki. However another group started releasing thier version much faster than ours so we decided to not to. If we get requests for ours to be posted there then I don't see a problem with having them uploaded there. Also sorry for the late reply, I saw this rather late ><;