Saturday, June 30, 2012

Runaway 6

It's time for another episode of Runaway!  This time we're proud to bring you episode #6!  We hope you will enjoy it!  Also be on the lookout for more of these episodes to come flying out as we have welcomed 3 new timers to the team to help us out!  Please remember that if you would like to help with any of our subbing projects to just click on the 'Join Us' tab at the top of this page.  Thank You!


Translator:  Gusukiller
Timer:  Weirdlike
Typesetting:  Weirdlike and Symrustar
Editing/QC/Encoding:  Symrustar

You will need HJ Split to combine the parts into one working file.  Also please be aware that this is roughly a 700mb file.  We will not be releasing a smaller version. 


If you have been following our Facebook and/or Twitter then you've been well aware that we've been cooking up something new for you.  We've been giving hints for the past couple of days and now we're proud to finally reveal the secret!  We're offically picking up the remaining episodes of Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri!  The origional subbing group has dropped the series so we're picking up where they left off.  I hope you all are as excited about this show as we are!  We look forward to sharing it with you!

For those of you who may not be familar with this series, here is a quick overview of  the show and cast that stars in it.

Katayama Yoshitaro became a police detective after having followed the will of his father who had been known as a great detective. However, Yoshitaro can never step into murder scenes because he faints whenever he sees blood, and criminals are able to easily slip away because he is afraid of heights. He also has phobias of women and ghosts. Moreover, he hates to doubt people more than anything, so he happens to believe whatever people say. Thus, Yoshitaro has tried, in vain, to quit his job a number of times in the past, but his brother Hiroshi, who loves mystery novels, and his super active sister Harumi always manage to convince him to remain as a detective.
One day, hopeless Yoshitaro finds a calico cat that somehow understands what people say and sometimes shows great reasoning power. With the help of strange hints given by this cat, Yoshitaro luckily succeeds in solving the cases. --NTV


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Double Release!

Hello everyone!  The DramaCrazy Fansub Team has been working extra hard and is really proud to announce two releases at the same time!  The first one is Episode #5 of Runaway - For someone you love.  The second one is for Episode #4 of Shinsengumi Peace Maker!  Enjoy!!

Episode 5 Credits:

Translator: Gusukiller
Timer: Weirdlike
Editor #1:  Symrustar
Editor #2:  Rinrin
Typesetting:  Weirdlike
Additional Typesetting:  Symrustar
Encoding:  Symrustar

Download -  You will need HJ Split to combine the parts to make it into one working file. 

(this is a rather large video file since it is HQ 720p)

Episode 4 Credits:

Translator:  Gusukiller
Timer:  Ryyynaa
Editor/Typeset/QC:  Symrustar



Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peace Maker #3

The DramaCrazy Fansub Team proudly present episode #3 of Shinsengumi Peace Maker!  Enjoy!

Translation:  Gusukiller
Timing:  HavaRava
Edit/QC/Encoding:  Symrustar

Download Links: