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We are looking for Translators (Japanese and Korean), Timers, QCers, and Uploaders.

(If there is something you think you could help us with that is NOT listed above do not hesitate to email us anyways, as we're always looking for more volunteers!)

We know and understand that everyone has a life outside of fansubbing, so we are not asking you to log on everyday and do something.  Our general timeline to complete a task is usually 1-2 weeks.  However we do occasionally subtitle dramas that are on a time constraint as they are hot and airing at that moment in time.  Those projects will be clearly marked as such and we ask that only people that could perform in the time constraints posted to sign up for those dramas. 

Are you new to fansubbing?  No worries!  We are more than happy to assist you in learning how to do any of the positions in the fansubbing process.  So feel free to ask us or check out the links to many of the great guides and tutorials that are available for you!

How To Apply:

Please fill out the following to submit your application!

Username: (if you have a dramacrazy user name you can put that as well!)
Position: (timer, translator, etc. you can apply for more than 1 position)
Experience? (if so, what group? how long?)
What languages can you speak/read?
How often do you think you can dedicate yourself per month?
Email you check often:
Are you talented with photoshopping?:
Anything else we should know? (which project(s) are you interested in?)

Please email your application to

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