1.  How long does it take to sub an episode?  When are the subs for ____ going to be released?
Please keep in mind that fansubbing is a hobby, not a job.  The length of time it will take to sub something depends on the real-life happenings of the staff that is working on that project.  So with that in mind please be patient. 

To find out when something is going to be released please check the subtitle status page.

2.  May I use your English subs to translate into another language?
Probably, just send and email to dcfansubteam@yahoo.com and I'm sure we can work something out.

3.  May I reupload your subtitles on _____ ?
Yes with proper credit by linking back to us, or using one of our banners.  Send us an email at dcfansubteam@yahoo.com and we'll probably even give you the links to the files so you can do a quality upload of it.  Again the only thing that we ask is that you link back to us or at least give us credit somewhere for our work.

4.  Are you being serious in your reply to question #3?
Yes we are serious.  We subtitle things for the sole purpose of sharing what we love with as many people as possible, so that they may have the opportunity to enjoy it too.  That means making it easily accessible for everyone, not just a select few.

5.  Can I get softsub files for DramaCrazy Fansub projects?
Unless we specifically release something as a softsub, then we will not give out any softsub files.

6.  I sent an email to dcfansubteam@yahoo.com and I still haven't heard a reply yet!  What's the deal?
We sincerely appologize for the occasional delay in reply.  Please try to be patient and remember that on average we will get 10-20 e-mails in one day.  We try to get to them all but remember that we place our priorities on our current subbing projects, which sometimes leaves other emails to get put on the back burner for a time.  We promise we haven't forgotten about you!  (However if it does reach a month worth of time with no reply, please resend your email as it may have went to the spam folder on accident.  In which case we didn't get it in the first place)

7.  Can I make a profit from your subtitles?

8.  I have a question that isn't listed here, help!
If you have a question that isn't included in the above, please feel free to email us at dcfansubteam@yahoo.com anytime and we will be happy to answer your question as quickly as possible. 

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