Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Updated! 5-4-2012

We are proud to announce the relase of Aishiteru Kizuna!  Everyone please enjoy it!!  We have worked really hard on this :)


Project Lead:  Symrustar
Translator:  Gusukiller
Timer 1:  Lillian
Timer 2:  Symrustar
Edit/QC/Typesetting:  Forestmaiden71
Encoding/Uploading:  Symrustar

Download Link:

Media Fire:  ** NOTE**  You will need HJSplit to combine the files to watch them!!  Get it from here:

Streaming from


  1. the link does not work actually :(
    Can anyone help to check? :)
    Tks for hard work!

  2. what doesn't work about it? I just clicked and used and it works just fine

  3. actually, for some reason I can't download from depositfiles. T.T

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work!!

  4. I'll see about getting it up on something else... probably going to get it streaming on dramacrazy. Just need some time to split the files up into smaller chunks since most places won't let me put such a large file ^^;

  5. Yes i can't download from depositfiles. Can you just share the subtitle because i have downloaded the RAW Files. I have tried download it many times from depositfiles but the file doesn't completed. Thanks.

  6. re-uploading to mediafire now. Will also have streaming available from as well.

  7. added new download links. You will need HJSplit to get it. Streaming links will be coming soon!

  8. Thanks a lot for the Eng sub! Just finished watching it and cried a bucket of tears! Okada Masaki and Osamu Mukai are two of my fave JP actors, so it was a real treat to see them together here, albeit with very short shared-scenes! Once, again, thank you!