Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming this Fall....

We at DramaCrazy Fansubs are proud to announce that this coming fall we will be bringing you Runaway - for someone I love which will start airing on the 27th of this month!  We hope you will enjoy the drama and of course our subs!! 

Four young people have been arrested for crimes they did not commit. One of them is Katsuragi Ataru (Ichihara Hayato) who has been wrongly accused of murder and put behind bars in a Kita Kyushu jail. However, when he learns that his daughter with Sasaoka Yuki (Fukuda Saki) is in a critical condition because of an incurable heart ailment, he decides to break out of the jail. He is joined by three buddies – Kawashima Ryunosuke (Tsukamoto Takashi), a gangster serving a 10-year sentence for a murder; Takimoto Kuya (Ueda Tatsuya), a former host sentenced to 4 years for violation of the stimulant drugs control act and obstructing officers from performing their duty; and Kagami Shun (Suda Masaki), an ex-dispatch rider sentenced to 3 years for violating the stimulant drugs control act as well.

Although their motives and backgrounds are different, all of them are innocent and there are reasons why they cannot wait till their release. They have to get out of this jail as soon as they can. So they band together and begin to plan their escape in order to accomplish their goals. Bound for Tokyo – 1,000 km away from Kyushu – they have to overcome frequent challenges for the sake of their families and loved ones


Ichihara Hayato as Katsuragi Ataru
Tsukamoto Takashi as Kawashima Ryunosuke
Ueda Tatsuya as Takimoto Kuya
Suda Masaki as Kagami Shun
Fukuda Saki as Sasaoka Yuki
Chiba Yudai as Inui Toshio
Yamazaki Kento as PANDA
Kumada Sea (熊田聖亜) as Miyamoto Sakura
Fujisawa Ema as Kubo Misaki
Ryu Raita as Yamada Katsuji
Muroi Shigeru as Takimoto Masae
Ishino Mako as Sasaoka Chiyoko
Shimada Kyusaku as Onizuka Shuzo
Watari Tetsuya as Yanagawa Kotaro

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